Early intervention
after injury

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Let's reduce lost work time for your business 

Early intervention is the single most critical factor in achieving successful return to work outcomes

If you have an injured employee APM WorkCare works closely with you and your insurer to provide proactive early intervention strategies that will keep your employee at work or reduce lost time.

Our early intervention services can assist you to support your employee to remain at or return to work while also meeting your obligations to provide a safe work place.

We’ve been working with Australian businesses to create safe, healthy workplaces and teams for more than 25 years.

Our experienced teams have developed best practice programs and we know the benefits a tailored early intervention services can bring to your organisation.

When you come to APM, your early intervention services include communication with treating doctors and tailored return to work programs that suit your workplace and your employees.

Contact us for a quote today and let's get to work on a proactive injury strategy for your team.

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Reduce total claim cost for your business

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Early intervention can reduce lost time by up to 60 per cent and halve total claims costs

We provide coaching and practical support to ensure that we’re informed of any incident or accident in your workplace as soon as possible.

We also help your team leaders identify early warning signs to help reduce the impact of injuries including reducing overall claims costs and time off work.

Previous early intervention services have included creating a First Call Support procedure for workplaces, which outline the actions to take and the roles of employees, managers and APM WorkCare consultants in your organisation's injury management plan.

Our structured approach to ensure timely assistance and intervention, includes:

  • Attendance at initial medical review with your injured employee
  • Liaison with providers to fast track medical access, including specialist reviews
  • Development of an initial injury management and return to work plan for your workplace
  • Clear communication with key parties, including you or your employee's supervisor, your employee, medical practitioners and insurers

Let's get to work on developing the right early intervention process for your workplace.

Can you afford to lose your star employee?

Don't lose your company's greatest asset because you didn't act soon enough

We help thousands of businesses overcome workplace injuries and get their injured employees back to work every year.

Our consultants work with all major insurance provider panels and we are accredited to provide return to work services in all states and territories of Australia.

Our comprehensive return to work services are tailored for your business and includes

  • Workplace injury case management
  • Assessments and training
  • Same employer support services
  • New employer support services
  • Complex workers' compensation and insurance claims management
  • Clear communications with all key parties

Find out more about our return to work services or make a referral today.