COVID-19: Advice for APM Employment Services participants

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Mutual obligations are back for everyone – including Victoria

From Monday 23 November job seekers across Australia will have mutual obligation requirements.

Mutual obligations were previously reinstated for job seekers outside Victoria in September.

With the recent lifting of lockdown restrictions across Melbourne and other Victorian communities, all Australian job seekers will need to complete mutual obligations as part of an agreed Job Plan with APM Employment Services in order to continue receiving support payments.

What you need to do

If you have any questions about your Job Plan, your mutual obligations or you are worried about not meeting the requirements to continue receiving your payments, please contact your APM Employment Consultant as soon as possible.

Or you can talk to one of our friendly customer service team on 1800 276 276.

And if you’re new to employment services, you may also find some of our frequently asked questions below useful.

Our aim is to help you find a job that works

Whether mutual obligations are required in your region or not, at APM our priority is to support you in being more independent and better off financially, so you can enjoy a better life.

If you want to work, our focus will always be on helping you find and keep a job, so you can enjoy the benefits that come with being employed.

Want to speak to us in person?

We know it’s sometimes easier to talk and discuss ideas, plans or concerns in person. So, we’re happy to announce that many of our local APM Employment Services sites are now welcoming people back in for face-to-face meetings.

Please call us to find out whether your office is open for face-to-face servicing before coming in to see us. Some of our teams are still not able to provide in person support due to health restrictions (such as metropolitan Melbourne).

COVID-19 Safety at APM

We are taking COVID Safety very seriously across all sites so there may be limits on the number of people allowed entry and some sites may also require the use of face masks in parts of the building.

Each APM site will have their requirements clearly displayed and your Employment Consultant can guide you on any steps you may need to take.

Of course, if you are happy with a phone call or online appointment, let your Employment Consultant know – it’s about making your appointments and your Job Plan work for you.

FAQs - What are mutual obligations?

Mutual obligations are simply the activities you agree to complete as part of your Job Plan with APM Employment Services.

They can include activities such as applying for a minimum number of jobs each month.

When you join an employment program with APM, your local Employment Consultant will listen to your circumstances and work with you to set up a Job Plan with details of the mutual obligation activities you must carry out.

Your mutual obligations will be based on your individual circumstances and your Employment Consultant will guide you through what is required to ensure you still receive your payments while supporting you in your search for work.

Why do I have to do mutual obligations?

The Australian Government requires you to meet mutual obligations if you get one of these payments:

  • JobSeeker Payment
  • Youth Allowance as a job seeker
  • Parenting Payment single after your youngest child turns six
  • Special Benefit paid under certain circumstances

You'll also have them if you either:

  • Get both the JobKeeper Payment and one of the above payments
  • Are a compulsory ParentsNext participant

What will happen if I don’t meet my mutual obligations?

As determined by the Australian Government, there are penalties for not meeting your mutual obligation requirements.

This includes losing some or all of your fortnightly payment, or having your payment suspended or cancelled.

You can avoid these penalties by making sure you do your tasks and activities.

At APM we want to see every job seeker succeed on their path to employment.

If your circumstances change or you’re worried about not being able to meet your mutual requirements, please let your Employment Consultant know as soon as possible so they can best support you.

You can find out more about mutual obligations at