Aiden and APM Futures transcript

Sheryal: I'm Sheryal. I work with APM. APM Futures is a new program for NDIS participants. We support them to find out what sort of roles they want to work on. We get them ready for work, we do interview training, travel training, just some of the things that we do. We spend a lot of time doing backend stuff so that when the participant is ready to go to employment, we are ready to be assisting them. And we are also there to support them for the whole way.

Aiden: Hi, I'm Aiden. I work at the Casey Basketball Stadium. And I help people to do paperwork, shredding, washing towels and clothes. And now, I pump the basketballs every Thursday.

Sheryal: After we got to know Aiden, we wanted to work with him to get to know him a little bit to see what goals he had. And one of his main goals he had was playing basketball. And he plays here at the Casey Stadium and the all the abilities on Thursday. So, we decided that we could call the stadium, which Aiden and his mum did, and I did as well. They were very interested in having a conversation. And Tammy and Jody and all the staff here have been fantastic supporting him. Aiden was amazing from the start. He was a lovely guy. He was just very nervous, which was anxiety kicking in with confidence. We spent time working with his confidence and then looking at different roles that would be suitable for Aiden. Because he has autism, we thought something that has repetitive tasks that he can function with each week would be perfect. So, that is what we've aimed for.

Aiden: It was helpful to have Sheryal to help me as a support. I'm not so scared when she'll help me do all things and keep things a hundred percent.

Tammy: Aiden's very energetic. He comes in here, he has a really positive attitude, so it really brings everybody else up too when he comes in every Tuesday. He's a very friendly person. And he's really enjoyed, I think, working with us. And I think everyone enjoys having him here.

Sheryal: Since Aiden started with APM Futures to where he is now, there is a massive increase in confidence. He completes all the tasks required for the job with minimal time. He can do it all by himself now.

Tammy: I definitely see value in the APM Futures program. I think that it really helps people feel comfortable in an environment that they have to get used to, and I think it really transitions them really well and it makes that transition quite seamless.

Aiden: It's changed my life. It's good. I'm not nervous at all when I was working there. I'm not scared. I'm going to stay at Casey Basketball, and I'm going to stay as long as I can.

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