Melanie gets back in the game

Published on 15 Jul 2016

Melanie was unsure of where to start to try and get things back on track: she suffers from a spinal disorder which causes pain and prevents her from being able to stand for long periods of time and heavy lifting.

Melanie's employment background was in retail - and although not ideal, she felt returning to this type of work was the swiftest way to find employment, start earning a wage and to get back on track.

Melanie came into the APM office regularly to use the facilities for her job search. Employment Consultant Trina assisted her with applications, and before long she successfully obtained an interview.

Despite her initial enthusiasm, however, after learning that the role involved 12 hour standing shifts, she withdrew and continued in her job search.

Trina continued to market Melanie to local employers, when she was drawn to the idea of a job in aged care for Melanie - an industry which is strong in Bundaberg.

Melanie was very interested. The two discussed Melanie's ability to manage some of the tasks required and Melanie's attitude was 'I'll certainly give it a go!'

Trina identified an organisation which provided a dual qualification in Aged and Disability Care, and four weeks later Melanie had completed her training, received her certificate and commenced workplace training.

Melanie has gone on to obtain sustainable employment as a personal carer and is absolutely loving it.

She is mindful of her condition and continues with her medication, which doesn't affect her work.

Melanie has just recently completed 26 weeks in her role and on her last meeting with Trina, hugged her and thanked her for all she and APM had done.