Fabian and Grant Associates transcript

Speaker 1: People come out of jail. If you go in there even for a year or something, you walk out broke and nowhere to live, and people just doubt you because you've been in jail. I mean, it could be something so lame, but still you get judged.

Speaker 2: When Workforce got with us and they said this is a program that we can try out, I said, "Hey, why not?" And in my head I said, "These are the people who are hungry to work. They're going to want to learn."

Speaker 3: They brought them out here. We did interviews. We did a presentation. We did a tour of the facility and it was great seeing their faces, how exciting it was for them to know that there's possibilities for them after.

Speaker 1: I got this feeling I want to belong to this. I want to belong here, so I gave it a try. Yeah. It was nice.

Speaker 4: Fabian, he stood out to me and also to Fabtech because he was a candidate that was asking questions. He wanted to know more. He was doing the tour and he was really looking at everything and asking, "What does this do? What does this do?" And for me, it was exciting because he was excited, so it got me excited and it got me motivated. Re-entry candidates, they come in very optimistic, but also very fearful. I feel like there's a lot of barriers that they come across, so knowing that as somebody that's trying to help them into their next career path, it kind of motivates me more to be there and be their cheerleader and tell them, "You can do this."

Speaker 1: It sound too good to be true, honestly. I was like, "You must be lying or something. This is too good to be true." They give us money for tools, for clothing, for gas, the first couple of months. I love building things here. They have all the tools here I need, I want, so see, I come here and play.

Speaker 5: I really see them growing and hopefully we can become the companies that they will eventually be managers and higher ups to run all the operations of all these machines that we have.

Speaker 4: It really showed me the impact that we have with our community and with our job seekers, bridging the gap between someone that needs the opportunity and the employer that is willing to hire that person.

Speaker 1: Yeah. I'm very, very grateful. I'm glad there's actually things like this. I give my thousand percent. I go all in.