Support for employers when JobKeeper ends

Business owners and employers preparing for the end of the JobKeeper Payment can still get support when hiring job seekers through APM Employment Services.

The Australian Government’s JobKeeper Payment, which was set up to help employers meet the cost of paying employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, ended on 28 March.

But there are still several options for employers to support their business to reduce the cost of hiring employees or maintaining their workforce.

Several options are available through APM Employment Services.

APM's performance with employers

Figures released in March by the Department of Social Services rated the performance of employment service providers on how they assisted job seekers into lasting work through the Disability Employment Services program.

The program enables employers to access support when hiring eligible workers with an injury, illness or disability, including wage subsidies to help meet the cost of employing an eligible job seeker.

Star ratings are issued to show how well a provider is helping job seekers find and stay in work.

As sustainable employment is the aim of the program, star ratings also show how well the provider works with employers to help both the job seeker and business succeed together.

In the latest publicly released figures, APM, which delivers the Disability Employment Services program from more than 500 locations, had the highest star rating out of the 10 largest service providers.

Measured from June to September 2020, the star ratings show the dedication of APM Employment Services team members, in helping job seekers and local employers.

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APM Employment Services CEO Karen Rainbow said the star ratings were a useful reminder to employers looking for reliable staff that they can still gain support for hiring job seekers when the JobKeeper Payment ends.

“At APM we have seen the impact COVID-19 has had on businesses in communities across Australia and how difficult it has been to find employees suitable for their workplace.

“Our teams remain dedicated to helping job seekers and employers achieve the best results together.

“This includes accessing wage subsidies when hiring an eligible job seeker and the support we provide to help a new employee settle into the job and become a productive member of the workplace.”

APM delivers the Disability Employment Services program in 92 Employment Service Areas - more than any other organisation.

Immediate support available to employers from APM includes:

  • No-cost recruitment of ready-to-work and suitable job seekers
  • Wage subsidies for hiring eligible job seekers
  • Access to funds for workplace modifications, tools, training, or software for employing a person with disability
  • Support from APM to help your new employee learn about the job and thrive as a member of your workforce

Find out more about APM's services for employers by contacting your local APM team or calling 1800 276 276.