Paige makes lasting changes with employment support

  • Paige took the first steps to break out of unemployment and build more stability in her life
  • Transition to Work program is helping Paige set herself up for long-term success

Paige transitions to a stable career path

After the launch of the Transition to Work program in July, Paige reached out to APM in Batemans Bay (NSW) for employment support.

She had been searching for employment for a couple of years, to help build stability in her life. In her first interview, she connected with APM Youth Support Worker Christine.

Christine and Paige talked about her goals with the main being securing employment so she could save money and find a place of her own. Paige’s biggest barrier was instability in her home life.

They spent some more time getting to know each other, with a little bit of Paige’s interests and family life being discussed.

When they reached the point of discussing where Paige would like to work and what would be a good starting position, Paige felt her options were limited.

Christine came to understand that Paige did not have an extensive employment history, and she had a range of employability skills she wanted to develop.

Transition to Work (TtW) is a youth-specific employment program, part of Workforce Australia. It directly supports disadvantaged young people aged 15-24, who are at risk of long-term unemployment.

When considering roles might be suitable for Paige, Christine thought of an employer who had reached out to her soon after TtW launched in early July.

After some renovations and upgrades, Catalina Golf and Country Club, HR Manager Cushla reached out to Christine to find new employees to add to their team.

Eager to take them under her wing and train them to suit the venues exciting new facilities, Cushla was hoping that Christine could assist her in filling the available vacancies.

“I was more than happy to help Cushla find some fantastic candidates to interview – and Paige came to mind immediately” Christine recalled.

“They ticked a lot of boxes for what each of them were looking for, and they turned out to be a great fit for each other” she added.

Christine brought up the vacancy at the Club Catalina with Paige, highlighting how the employer was looking for enthusiastic young people to work in the Café as a barista or in the bar.

Paige had some previous barista experience, so with her consent, Christine rang the employer and set up a meeting that day for Paige.

After the meeting Christine spoke with Cushla who was very impressed with how Paige interviewed and was willing to give her a start once she had completed her Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training.

Paige was enrolled in the online version of her RSA training, and Christine worked with her to ensure she was able to complete it prior to starting work at Catalina Golf and Country Club.

Christine also enrolled Paige in a Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) license training at the local TAFE. This would assist Paige in securing more shifts and guide her further to achieving her goal of saving money whilst working in a safe and friendly environment.

Paige was secure employment at the Club’s café and bar.

Cushla was also offered a Wage Subsidy which will ensure Paige has consistent weekly hours and allow her to learn and succeed in many areas of the business.

“Paige is fitting in well and taking all the learning and guidance on board” said Cushla.

“She is a beautiful caring soul with an amazing work ethic and attitude despite her family life challenges. I wish her the best and I am glad I have been able to assist her in a small way on her journey of life.”

What is Transition to Work?

The TtW program assists young people to develop practical skills to get a job or connect with education or training. With targeted engagement and flexibility TtW also assists young people overcome barriers to employment.

If you are a participant in Transition to Work, you have up to 18 months to progress with your employment or study goals, enabling you to progress through the program at your own pace,

Participants also have a dedicated Youth Support Worker to assist them with career planning, reverse marketing to employers and training organisations, assistance with referrals to community employers and support services.

The program works to address the barriers faced by young people, providing access to mental health services and a dedicated youth space in each office where they feel safe, supported, and able to engage.

There are a range of subsidies available to foster personal and professional development, including wage subsidies, training subsidies, and covering the cost of moving into employment or education.

Once employed, participants will receive 26 weeks of post-placement support to ensure it is sustainable.

Contact the Transition to Work team to find out how you or your business can support can take the first step towards meaningful employment.