Blake and APM Work Assist

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Hitting a rough patch

We all go through rough patches.

We all know having someone to support us to make the changes we need, makes it easier.

Originally qualified as a floor sander and polisher, Blake was experiencing a period of unemployment which affected his mental health and wellbeing.

Blake reached out to APM in Dunedin at the recommendation of a friend during this difficult time in his life.

Employment consultant Caleb recalls the start of their journey:

“Blake came to us, and he didn’t really know what he wanted to do. He was at a bit of a turning point” he said.

His friend suggested APM could help give him the boost he needed to find work through the Work Assist program.

“The Work Assist programme basically benefits anyone that’s looking to get into work” Caleb said.

“We work with people from different backgrounds, different ages, different work experiences, different life experiences.”

Putting the work in

“(Caleb) helped me develop a CV and made it really easy for me” Blake said.

“Now I feel like I’ve got a professional CV that I could hand in anywhere.”

Another priority in giving Blake the best start on his new journey was connecting him with mental health support services.

“I think the counselling was a big thing for me” Blake said.

“(APM) helped set that up, (it) helped me feel a bit more confident in myself.”

Blake describes reaching out for support from APM as a positive experience.

He said “they helped me a lot and made it very easy.”