Chris and Ingeus Singapore

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A career journey

Chris is an enthusiastic, multi-talented young professional.

After she graduated from university, she worked in advertising but found it was not quite the right fit.

“At that point in my life I was kind of transitioning away (from that)” Chris said.

“I hadn’t had a full-time job in a while.”

Chris approached Ingeus Singapore for support to return to the workforce and begin a fulfilling career.

“I wanted to get back into the workforce, but I just didn’t really know how - it seemed very intimidating” Chris recalled.

“There were a lot of pieces to the puzzle I couldn’t figure out by myself.”

Chris realised her job applications had to be of an excellent standard to be able to stand out to employers.

Before she got on to job applications, Chris and her career coach worked together to polish their resume, focusing on how to describe and market their skills.

Chris’ job coach also gave her a voucher to get a new professional headshot taken, to help give her a confidence boost on their new career path.

picture of chris smiling

Progress to success

Chris describes their experience with Ingeus’ career coaching services as a positive one, like she had a safety net.

“Throughout the whole process, I felt very safe” Chris said.

“Each step of the way Ingeus had already thought of what I needed.”

Achieving stable, enjoyable employment has been highly rewarding for Chris.

“Having a stable income and just not having to worry about money all the time is so freeing.”

It has given Chris a level of financial security and mental peace she hasn’t had before.

A successful outcome for Chris, wherever her career path takes her.