Chris and Ingeus Singapore transcript

Chris: Hi, I am Chris and I'm 33 years old. I'm a bilingual copywriter and I do a lot of creative things on the side. I used to work in advertising a little bit. I needed Korean coaching services from Ingeus because at that point in my life I was kind of transitioning away from, I've just graduated and I haven't had a full-time job in a while, and I realized that I wanted to get back into the workforce, but I just didn't really know how. Or it seemed very intimidating because there were a lot of pieces to the puzzle that I couldn't really figure out by myself even with Googling. And it really is a confidence thing to be able to go out there and put your resume out there.

My career coach and I mostly talked about, obviously, first of all, the very hard skills, how to polish up the resume, how to be more specific in what employers are looking for, how to quantify your resume. It came down to providing me with a coupon to go take a new headshot, and that in itself I think is a very confidence boosting thing, and to tell you that, oh, actually we thought of everything.

My experience with Ingeus is for the career coaching services was that throughout the whole process, I felt very safe. My very fundamental sort of feeling was that, safe. Earlier I talked about the safety net, it was definitely a lot like that because each step of the way Ingeus had already thought of, what do you need?

Having a stable income and just not having to worry about money all the time is so freeing. Like your heart, there is a certain level of security there that wasn't there before and I'm really grateful for that.