Fabian and Grant Associates

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Making a new start

Fabian was motivated to make a whole new start when he connected with Fabtech.

Having previously been incarcerated, Fabian was looking to rebuild his life.

He reached out to ​Grant Associates for support to find work and develop the right skills to thrive.

He found the attitudes of some employers towards his brief period in jail obscuring them from seeing his skills and willingness to work and learn.

Fabtech’s Vice President of Operations Angel, saw the benefits of connecting with a work re-entry program that helped people from different backgrounds transition into stable and ongoing employment.

“These are the people that are hungry to work – they’re going to want to learn,” he said.

Fabian, along with other candidates were brought out to Fabtech’s premises where they met with senior members of the team, learned about the company, and toured the facility. He got a good feeling almost straightaway.

“I got this feeling like I’m gonna belong to this, I want to belong here – so I gave it a try,” Fabian recalled.

Investing in their workforce

Fabian’s willing attitude set him apart from other candidates for Grant Associates and Fabtech.

“He was a candidate that was asking questions and he wanted to know more,” Zonia from Grant Associates said.

During the tour of Fabtech, he showed great curiosity and proactiveness in asking questions about the different machinery.

“Re-entry candidates come in very optimistic but also very fearful,” Zonia said.

Which motivates her even more to assist jobseekers like Fabian into supportive workplaces.

She was able to help Fabian access funding for his tools, work clothing, and fuel so he had a smooth start to working life.

Fabtech’s Vice President Ruben has also fully embraced the positive impacts for the participants and his workplace.

“I see them growing and hopefully we can become, you know, the company they will eventually be managers and higher-ups to run all the operations of the machines that we have.”