Jamie and Ingeus UK

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Breaking the cycle

Ingeus UK deliver the Commissioned Rehabilitative Services programme (CRS) to help people who have come out of the prison system.

This is achieved by facilitating access to services tailored to their individual circumstances with a strong emphasis on supporting participants into employment.

When Jamie came for his first program session, he was not initially an eager participant.

“…he came here, hoodie up, very closed, one syllable answers” CRS Personal Wellbeing Mentor for Ingeus Maggie recalls.

“By the end of the session, just over an hour, (his) hoodie was down and we’d built that rapport.”

Building the future

Within a matter of weeks, Jamie got the stage where he was going to become a peer mentor within the programme.

“I’ve been through the system my whole life – from getting arrested, to courtrooms, to being in probation, I also have mental health problems” Jamie said.

“It’s a personal service that we give to the person” Maggie said.

The program considers all the physical and mental factors affecting a person and takes a holistic approach.

“So, it’s really important that we meet them for the first time, build that rapport and the rest will just flow.”

And Jamie agrees.

“I feel like this is the first service where all of it’s been put together.”

“Here, you’re actually getting through problems, you’re actually looking for a solution and thinking about the future – I’ve never had that.” Jamie added.