Nine and APM WorkCare

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Looking after their people

The benefits of a strong partnership can be wide-reaching for your business.

Head of group safety strategy at Nine Australia, Danielle, has a strong relationship with her APM WorkCare account manager Amanda.

“We love APM because as the cycles of our business change, as the needs arise, or situations or challenges present itself APM are a phone call away” Danielle said.

Danielle is one of a team of four at Nine who look after over 5,000 staff and freelancers across Australia.

It’s a big job, but with the right support from APM, they can provide for the diverse needs of their workforce.

Trusted provider

Research has demonstrated the many health, productivity, and financial benefits that early intervention services bring to businesses.

“It’s fantastic to see the positive changes in the occupational rehabilitation industry, and organisations such as Nine really investing proactively and in early intervention for their own people” National Customer Manager for APM WorkCare Amanda said.

There are many new occupational challenges businesses of all sizes are encountering, making the right advice and partnership a truly valuable asset.

If an employee needs a functional assessment, some mental health support, or support to make their equipment, desk, or position more comfortable, APM WorkCare have the experts on hand to help.

“We have really enjoyed the partnership with Nine, it’s has been a true collaboration” Amanda said.

“Every time I’ve come to APM with a need or an opportunity I feel really listened to” Danielle said.

“The partnership at APM means that it doesn’t really matter what comes our way because I know that there’s a trusted provider at the end of the phone who will work with us to really understand what our business needs.”