William and Ingeus Singapore

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Navigating change

Like thousands of other job seekers, William became unemployed because of the impacts of COVID-19.

These changes were especially impactful for William, who owned and managed his own business for 5 years.

As a result, he sadly had to let all of him employees go and close his business.

This change affected him significantly and for the first time in a long time, he had to re-enter the job market as a job seeker.

“I had to resort to being a private vehicle driver” William recalls.

He worked in this role for roughly a year, while applying widely for other roles.

Re-discovering his capability

In a difficult job market, William struggled to look for work by himself.

“I sent our numerous resumes, but none of the companies responded back” he said.

When he reached out to Ingeuss for support, he valued having another person to support him on his search.

He describes his Jobcoach Angeline as “very passionate and very helpful.”

Angeline helped William re-organise his resume and find a role which complemented his existing experiences.

She approached Advancer Global and even though the applications for their roles had closed, Angeline was able to submit William as a candidate for one of the special programs.

Of the 260 applicants, William was one of the final eight shortlisted candidates.

When asked how he felt, William simply responded: “I’m very fortunate.”

William hopes to continue his career with Advancer Global, so he can continue to work towards his goals.

One of his goals includes taking care of his ageing mother:

“I hope to actually buy my own house and settle down with my mother. So I think that will be great.”