Ingeus Singapore - William transcript

William Tan Yoke Jee: I was worried at my age, how do I get back into the workforce? My name is William Tan. I'm now a management trainee. My route to searching for employment was a very frustrating one, because I have been managing my own company for the last five years and due to the economic situations and the COVID, I have to close down my company, let go all my employees in 2019, and I have to resort to being a private vehicle hire driver to sustain.

I did that for the one whole year, and within that one year, I sent out numerous resumes, but none of the companies actually responds back. My experience with Ingeus was wonderful. I was assigned to my career coach, Angeline, who is very passionate and very helpful. She helped me reorganise my resume and managed to match my experiences with one of the company known as Advancer Global, or even though the positions for this has really been closed, Angeline fought very hard to get me into the program.

So all in all, I believe they have 260 applicants altogether and subsequently they managed to shortlist only down to eight, and I'm very fortunate to be one of them. I will hope to continue my career with Advancer Global, because there's a lot of opportunity for my growth and hope to actually buy my own house and settle down with my mother, so I think that will be great.