Aged care assessment service benefiting older Australians

Published on 29 Sep 2015

"Into the third month of delivering assessments, APM and our network of approved subcontractors are busy at work, with over 1000 referrals to conduct assessments received in September alone," APM Group Chief Executive Michael Hobday said.

"The result is we are delivering assessments to increasing numbers of older Australians, allowing them to receive the help that they need to remain living comfortably in their own home for longer.

"The assessments are for entry-level care. Often the case is that person is managing, but just needs that extra bit of help to be able to remain living in their home and to engage with their local community with things like meal preparation, transport, or activities such as gardening," My Hobday said.

"Our trained assessors are well-equipped to recognise and target the needs of our clients and link them to the appropriate services, meaning they can maintain their quality of life while staying at home."

APM was awarded work as part of the My Aged Care Regional Assessment Service in 22 regions across Australia: in the Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and South Australia.

Since the program commenced, APM has worked closely with the Department of Social Services and its My Aged Care service as well as other stakeholders to develop system and service enhancements to ensure a positive experience for clients and service providers.

APM is one of Australia's leading human services providers, delivering employment, injury management, allied health, assessment and community care services. As well as growing locally, the company has experienced significant expansion in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom in 2015.