Jump-start for job seekers

Published on 04 Sep 2014

The 'Jump Start' campaign is an APM initiative to promote employment opportunities for job seekers and employment solutions for businesses in the area.

"APM's Jump Start campaign is an exciting innovation for both job seekers and employers alike, and for employers to participate, it's free," said APM's Group Chief Executive Officer, Michael Hobday.

"Our target is to secure employment opportunities for 40 job seekers in the next four weeks.

To do this, the profile of job seekers and local employers will be raised, while APM will establish and strengthen relationships that we have with local organisations and employers."

The launch of Jump Start took place at an event attended by local employers in Werribee.

"The campaign is designed to create broad benefits for employers and job seekers, including greater self-esteem, while being in a job improves health and well-being," Mr Hobday said.

"The first step is ensuring that employers are aware that they can access free assistance from APM, which is why the launch was important.

Once local employers are engaged, our team will provide comprehensive support at all stages of the employment process, from assessment of job seekers to job matching, transition to work and in-work support.

"Since APM was established in 1994, we have assisted more than 610,000 individuals and every year we work with 60,000 Australians."

APM has partnered with Wyndham City for Jump Start, while the campaign is being supported by Sons of the West, MEGT and Blockout Blinds.