Workplace modifications make the difference

Taking the extra step helped Nikita settle into sustainable, professional employment.

After her previous provider couldn’t help Nikita achieve her employment goals, she got in touch with the APM Mount Barker Team.

Having completed her Advanced Diploma in Conveyancing, Nikita told her Employment Consultant Amelia she hoped to locate work in her industry.

Conveyancing is a branch of law which involves the transfer of legal title of real property from one person to another, or the granting of an encumbrance such as a mortgage.

Despite a visual impairment, Nikita had capably completed her tertiary studies.

However, she was aware that with 6/95 vision in both her eyes, it could prove a challenge to find an employer willing to accommodate her visual requirements at work.

Additionally, Nikita would need some time off to travel internationally to the Tokyo Paralympics to represent Australia in Goalball.

According to Paralympics Australia, Goalball is a sport played indoors by athletes with a visual impairment. Players all wear eye masks while attempting to roll a ball into opposing team’s defended goals. Bells inside the ball help orientate players by indicating the direction of the oncoming ball.

Amelia said to Nikita that “she would try her best to locate suitable employment for her.”

Amelia sent Nikita’s resume to conveyancing companies in the Murray Bridge region, in rural South Australia.

From this effort, Nikita was successful in securing two interviews with two different employers.

To help get her ready for her role, APM were able to assist with purchasing appropriate work attire for Nikita.

During her interviews, she was open and transparent with her need to take time off for training and for her need to travel internationally.

As a result, she was offered a position as a Conveyancing Assistant for two days a week.

After accepting her new role, her employment consultant Amelia started to arrange some workplace modifications for Nikita.

Amelia organised for an assessment of her workstation.

The assessor suggested that a digital text magnifier would be ideal for Nikita to read documents, software to enlarge the font on the computer screen, a curved screen and a large format keyboard.

APM purchased these items for Nikita and her new employer, and she began her employment journey with them.

Not even a year into her work and Nikita was excelling in her role and accepted an offer of three days a week.

Six months in and Nikita is thoroughly enjoying her work, while continuing to receive post-placement support from APM.

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