5 benefits of hiring people who have been unemployed long-term

A TV screen depicting the words "record unemployment rise"

Long-term unemployment presents an opportunity for Australian organisations.

For years, question marks have hung over the question of how to resolve long-term unemployment.

The solution has always been to employ people – but the question has always been 'how'?

  • How to find and select the right candidate?
  • How to know you are investing in the right candidate?

Recruiting is time consuming - waves of applications, hours of screening and interviews.

Employable Me simplifies and assists this process, now more than ever as the job has become overwhelming, especially for candidates who have experienced an extended period of unemployment.

Today, this support is more important than ever. Employable Me helps organisations fill their vacancies and enables skilled candidates to return to the workforce.

If you have not thought about the benefits this could have for your organisation, here’s five of the of the benefits of hiring people who have previously been unemployed long-term:

1. They have experience

More mature workers are an asset. Their many years of education, life experience and diverse work experience prior to their period of unemployment are still valuable. With these instincts, some have potential to ascend into leadership or management roles.

Andrew's story is one incredible success and resilience. He was unemployed for five years before he got the support he needed, from APM. He drew on some of the skills from his previous training in frontline management and allied health therapy, which has helped him thrive in his current career path.

2. They are resilient

Work has become intrinsically linked with our individual identities and gives us a feeling of capability and satisfaction. All people are worthy of this. People who live with an injury, illness, or disability are highly resilient.

Whether it has been years or their whole lives, they have lived with disability and overcome many physical and mental challenges. By the time they are sitting in front of you for a job interview, they are embodying that perseverance.

3. There’s support and subsidies available

When you work with APM to fill a vacancy, we provide support for our candidates and employers. Through employing an eligible APM jobseeker, your organisation can access a range of wage subsidies worth thousands of dollars.

We aim to create thoughtful matches with our candidates and businesses to create sustainable and long-lasting relationships. This as-yet untapped pool of talent is rife with benefits like increased performance, boosted morale and improved staff retention.

4. Resume gaps are not necessarily a weakness

By then time a job seeker presents themselves for an interview, they have overcome many personal and professional hurdles.

They will not hesitate to talk about the gap in their resume, you will find they’re looking forward to the future and they’re determined to make positive changes in their lives. Work is a vital part of that experience.

5. They have excellent self-knowledge

People who have worked and been out of work for an extended period have excellent self-knowledge and self-awareness. The benefit of their experiences has given them a strong sense of purpose. They know enough about themselves to know what they want and can do for work.

Applying to and working for your organisation are part of their goals. When you think about the list of traits you look for in an ideal candidate - adaptability, eagerness to learn, sense of self-worth, awareness of their strengths and limitations – these are readily present in job seekers returning to work after a period of unemployment.

Looking for staff?

We don’t just support job seekers, we also help thousands of employers find reliable staff and access government incentives when hiring new employees.

If you’re an employer, you could access wage subsidies, plus funds for training and workplace modifications when hiring a person with disability for full or part-time work.

Plus, you will be enhancing the diversity of your business while making a real positive difference in a person’s life.

Find out more about this rewarding opportunity for employers by speaking to the Employable Me team, or emailing hello.employableme@apm.net.au.