How can we best adapt to rapidly changing job markets?

The Australian jobs market has changed dramatically in the past six months, with many expected growth markets suffering due to COVID-19.

A previous Market Update discussed the shock of job losses with economists predicting unemployment to hit 11%.

While we have yet to reach that level – July’s unemployment was 7.5% -the landscape remains daunting for many employees concerned about their role. Particularly those living with injury, illness, disability or psychosocial disadvantage.

Leaders can support team members with training to boost valuable skills and build positive responses to unexpected changes.

“Employer feedback tells us ‘soft skills’ such as resilience, adaptability and emotional intelligence are now more highly sought after,” says Jason Anderson, Head of Employment Placement at Konekt.

“These skills are at a premium as employers look to navigate their way through an uncertain period.

“The need for these skills is also heightened because working autonomously, remotely or from home, will likely remain prominent post-COVID.

“Developing a broader range of transferrable soft skills, and the ability to speak confidently to these skills in interview and applications, will be crucial to improving employability over the months and years ahead."

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