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Published on 13 Dec 2018

Are you and your organisation harnessing the advantage and innovation of technology and safety in the workplace?

We often pride ourselves in this industry with thinking outside the box when it comes to safety and injury management.

But with technology advancing at such a rapid pace, are we up to date with the potential this has for improving safety, culture and outcomes for us, our workplace and our roles?

For the majority of us, the answer is no – and we can chalk the 'video gamers' up for a win on this one!

That’s right – video gamers are very far ahead of us when it comes to harnessing technology – virtual reality, movement, analysis, big data…

This is a great thing, as this consumer group is driving better technology, able to be used in the workplace, and supply is making this technology much more affordable and practical for us to afford in the workplace!

So where do we start?

Have you joined our LinkedIn Workplace Technology group?

Workplace Health and Technology is an Australian based group and forum for workplace health and safety professionals.

We want to share insights and best practice for technology and workplace health today and stay ahead of the changes in the rapidly moving environment.

We want group members to collaborate, share ideas and experiences – what has worked and what has not? How we can all learn from each others’ experience and advance as an industry.

Here’s a sample of some of the hot topics this year – these as well as more are able to be accessed via the group:

Wearable technology

  1. Wearable technology can improve productivity, increase employee engagement and lower the risk of illness and injury at work – read more here.
  2. Wearable tech at work: Big data, privacy and ethical considerations for a new world – read more here.

Virtual reality

  1. How virtual reality can be used to boost productivity, accelerate training and increase collaboration in the workplace – read more here.
  2. How to prevent injuries in the workplace using virtual reality-enabled workplace training – read more here.

Physiolytics and big data

  1. How physiolytics can be used to improve safety, performance, productivity, well-being, creativity and job satisfaction – read more here.
  2. Practical tips on how to use big data analytics to improve safety in your workplace – read more here.

Using technology to manage fatigue

  1. What are the three key technology systems that can make immediate improvements to fatigue and distraction levels in your workforce? Read more here.
  2. How Rio Tinto, Fujitsu and AIG are using technology to manage fatigue and reduce workplace accidents – read more here.

These are a sample of key areas explored as part of the hot topics of 2018, and we will continue to explore emerging technology and trends in 2019.

These as well as future topics and articles are able to be viewed by requesting to join here.

If there is a topic of interest to you that you would like to see explored, I welcome you to post this to the group, or direct to myself on amanda.johnston@apm.net.au.