Welcome Back

Published on 25 Nov 2020

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What are your plans to safely welcome your employees back to the workplace?

With business requirements constantly evolving, we’ve leveraged the expertise across APM’s Health Portfolio to support you in looking after the health, wellbeing and productivity of your people.

“As a workplace health business, our customers were turning to us for expertise and support to navigate the changing landscape” said Michele Grow, CEO Mental Health and Wellness APM.

"Welcome Back provided them with both the expertise and flexibility required to leverage and supplement their own internal expertise, ensuring an efficient and effective partnership that holistically addressed their workplace health needs."

Welcome Back comprises of 8 different modules delivered by the businesses comprised of APM’s Health Portfolio, that may be selected in isolation or combination:

1. COVID-19 risk gap analysis

Identifying Workplace Health and Safety gaps in your organisation as you prepare for the return of your employees to the workplace.

Guidance on meeting obligation to prevent COVID-19 exposure and responding to potential outbreaks as well as resources to ensure responsibilities are maintained.

Delivered by: Konekt WorkCare

2. The newest normal

Virtual workshops for your people leaders, equipping them with practical tools to maintain an engaged and thriving workforce.

Develop plans for supporting team members and increasing their psychological resilience.

Delivered by: Assure Programs

3. Meeting your employer obligations

A virtual workshop providing a guide to the legal requirements of Workplace Health and Safety obligations.

Up to date information to ensure every leader and their teams are compliant.

Private sessions available tailored to your business requirements, or as part of a mixed participant group.

4. Leader of the blended workplace

A virtual classroom session to help leaders maintain high levels of performance, productivity, engagement and a positive culture despite teams being split across environments e.g., work from home and work from the office.

Practical micro-skills to effectively achieve this.

Delivered by: MCI Solutions

5. Reintegrating into the workplace

Adjusting from the routines and habits formed away from the workplace and adapting to new guidelines and restrictions whilst preserving productivity and performance.

Delivered by: Communicorp.

6. The WISE program

Direct, confidential contact by a professional psychologist. Able to be provided to individuals and teams working under additional pressure or who are more vulnerable.

Maintains a strong team with a healthy level of mental wellbeing and identifies risks or issues in a proactive nature.

Delivered by: Assure Programs.

7. Living a resilient life

Supporting employees to recognise the psychological demands they face in your workplace and develop effective coping strategies to manage them.

Delivered by: MCI Solutions.

8. Physical Triage

The Physical Triage unit is a practical session with a physical allied health professional via telehealth.

Each 45-minute session is tailored for the individual employee and can include virtual ergonomic workstation check, advice on stretches, postural break activities and recommendations to resolve any identified health issues.

Delivered by: APM WorkCare.

Our services are delivered by experienced workplace educators, psychologists, occupational health specialists, health and safety experts, rehabilitation and injury management consultants.

To find out more, visit apm.net.au/welcomeback, call 1800 276 927 or email the team at welcomeback@apm.net.au