Andrew turns work placement into employment success


  • Andrew secured a placement YMCA ReBuild, which became a permanent paid opportunity.
  • Support from the Disability Employment Services program helped rebuild his confidence.

An unpleasant experience in a workplace can be jarring and can impact a person’s confidence.

Andrew’s confidence had been affected by previous experiences at work, which had impacted his mental wellbeing.

When he approached APM’s Melton office in Greater Melbourne, he wanted to have a better experience and was eager to work.

His employment consultant Natalie quickly found common ground with him, and they built a strong rapport.

Andrew lives with an intellectual disability, working with Natalie meant he had someone help him understand what was required of him.

She was able to provide support for Andrew through the Disability Employment Services program, delivered by APM Employment Services.

Utilising a connection with Employer Account Manager Jet, Natalie was able to coordinate a work experience placement with YMCA ReBuild.

The YMCA-run initiative is a social enterprise that works with young people to build their skills and confidence.

She helped Andrew put together a resume, along with some job interview and networking tips for making a good impression with his employer.

Although the four-week placement was not paid, Andrew recognised that it was a valuable opportunity to break into the workforce.

He would also be receiving a daily lunch, uniform and Myki card to keep out-of-pocket expenses minimal.

Andrew relished the opportunity and worked hard each day.

His supervisors regularly reported back to APM, informing Jet that they enjoyed working with Andrew and appreciated his commitment to learning.

When his four-week placement came to an end, Andrew was delighted to receive an offer of paid employment with YMCA.

APM Business Manager Samantha worked with the employer, briefing them how they could reduce hiring costs through wage subsidies and other benefits available when employing people through APM.

They arranged for Andrew to begin paid work in February. It didn’t take long for his confidence to soar, with the Melton team seeing a whole new spring in his step when he visited their office.

Andrew works a minimum of 35 hours per week, above and beyond his benchmark of eight hours.

Andrew regularly expresses his gratitude to APM, acknowledging that without their help he would not have the financial freedom to save for a brand-new iPhone.

He continues to catch up with Natalie as part of APM’s post placement support and the entire Melton team looks forward to watching him continue to flourish.

Samantha says that Andrew's persistence, hard work, and dedication towards his goal of paid employment have made him one of APM Melton's biggest success stories.

“His smile is the biggest reward the team could ever ask for,” she said.

“We are so proud. Andrew is the definition of a life changed for the better.”

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