The right referrals help Tyrone to triumph

Tyrone and Irene

Pictured (L to R): Irene and Tyrone

  • Tyrone was initially apprehensive about accepting assistance.
  • He found support through APM Employment Services and Konekt to successfully gain more hours at work.

During a challenging period in his life, Tyrone approached the team at APM Footscray in Melbourne’s western suburbs for support.

While already employed, he found himself in a financially difficult situation and had not been successful in getting an increase in his hours at his retail job.

Having recently experienced significant personal grief after the loss of his partner, Tyrone was finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with his usual and daily activities.

The impact on his mental health meant he struggled to remain positive and active.

Additionally, the financial pressure of limited shifts had left him unable to afford his medication for his mood disorder.

APM business manager Irene listened to Tyrone as he opened up about his life, making a promise to catch up with Tyrone each week to support him through the Disability Employment Services program.

She began by referring him to a bulk billing medical practitioner to help Tyrone to better afford and manage his medications.

Irene also referred him to Konekt, where Tyrone met regularly with a psychologist to assist with his mental health.

Initially Tyrone said he felt apprehensive to engage, wanting to become financially independent.

He recalls being taken aback by the amount of support offered to him through APM.

Irene’s persistence to understand his barriers and goals for the future had surprised Tyrone and he gradually began to open up more.

Tyrone has implemented the tips provided by Irene to ask his employer for more hours.

By helping him find the right balance for his mental health, Tyrone has been able to navigate his way to full-time hours with his employer.

Irene helped Tyrone access funding to purchase more work clothes for his increased working hours.

Tyrone is thankful to have continued support from APM as he gets comfortable with his new hours and routine.

“APM supported me right through the job and continues supporting me today. My eyes are opened to always ask for any extra support” he said.

Irene believes Tyrone’s determination, courage, and persistence to not give up were worth celebrating by sharing his journey.

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