Faradiba’s bright achievements keep on rolling

Faradiba at work, sitting with a sewing machine

Faradiba’s face beamed with pride as she was a presented with a certificate for taking part in the Northern Territory’s K2DC bike challenge

Support from family as well as from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) helped her step out of her fear and onto her bike for a 10km leg of the race.

Faradiba decided to take part in the bike ride after she was approached by one of her program coordinators.

“Initially Faradiba declined because she was scared and didn’t think she could do it. After receiving some encouragement from family and friends, Faradiba decided she would give it a go and prove to herself she could do it, her sister Aminah said.

At the finish line Faradiba said to her family “I did it! I am so happy, and I want to do it again next year”.

This would never have been possible without APM connecting Faradiba to the NDIS, Aminah explained.

“Faradiba attended all the practice rides, raised money and never gave up until she crossed the finish line”

Faradiba and another race participant proudly holding their certificates

Faradiba is a born and bred Darwin local who comes from an Indonesian background and lives with her mum and brother.

She has been raised in a blended family of eight sisters, two brothers and 17 nieces and nephews.

She joined the NDIS in late 2017 after the death of her father, Ali, who played a vital role in developing Faradiba into the woman she is today, Aminah said.

Prior to joining the NDIS Faradiba’s social and employment skills were limited to her home life.

When she finished year 12, she stayed home for the first couple of years which made her feel depressed because did not have an outlet, a job and or social interaction besides that with her family.

“Additionally, Faradiba’s intellectual disability limited her options for employment causing frustration and made her feel like she had no purpose”

Aminah said the NDIS support has given her sister the ability to live a more meaningful and fulfilled life. Her sister is more confident, happier and feels like she has a purpose now.

Faradiba now works part-time with Helping People Achieve after showing her admirable work ethic while volunteering with the organisation.

“NDIS gives me more options in my life, and it makes me feel happy in myself and has helped me meet more new people just like me,” Faradiba said.

Faradiba standing proudly with a big smile on her face after finishing the bike race

“I like to always set small goals for myself, but would love to learn how to drive and maybe one day be able to get my license so I can visit my friends”

Beside participating in the Charity bike ride, Faradiba loves to spend time with friends and family and going out to social events.

Aminah was full of praise for both APM and Faradiba’s LAC, Chloe, for supporting her sister and the family through each process of NDIS application and plan renewal.

Clear communication and support had helped Faradiba mature and become more independent.

NDIS help had opened more doors than their family thought possible and had given Faradiba a better quality of life which is all the family could hope for, Aminah said.

“Faradiba says she is excited for her future because the NDIS has made it possible,” she said.

As part of the NDIS Partners in the Community program, APM Communities help people with disability in several regions in Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory to access support.