MP for Worcester visits community-minded teens

Published on 19 Jul 2016

Robin Walker, the MP for Worcester, last week visited a group of 12 teenagers at the Horizon Hub on the National Citizen Service (NCS) programme, where they are learning more about how to make a difference in the local area.

Robin spoke to the young people who are currently planning their community project to remind them of the important impact that teenage volunteering has on the local community.

NCS is a two-three week youth empowerment programme delivered in Worcester by APM during school holidays, which helps young people expand their horizons whilst learning key skills for work and life.

The MP's appearance is a show of continued support for the programme.

Robin previously visited the NCS programme in March to see teenagers, who were filmed by the BBC Springwatch team whilst they were learning to build bird and bat boxes.

Since his visit, he has witnessed the opportunities and doors that have opened up to young people who had been on the programme and is now keen to spread the word throughout Worcestershire.

Robin says: "I visited NCS participants earlier this year in March and saw the impact of their social action in the constituency I represent in Worcester.

"This government flagship programme enables young people not only to take part in outdoor activities and meet new people but also to give something back to their communities.

"It's exciting to see how young people are energised by being put together in a group, so they can come up with their own ideas as to what good causes they can support.

"Today I have seen a huge amount of enthusiasm and excitement about the projects they are working on and so much creativity being put to work, and this just shows that young people want to do good for the community.

"An organisation like NCS gives them a chance to unleash that energy and enthusiasm to make the world a better place."

Lauren Winters, 16, from Worcester was in the group as Robin gave his talk on the impact teenagers can have in the community.

Lauren is on the third week of the NCS programme and is currently working on a project to paint an equality inspired mural.

Lauren says: "It was great meeting Robin on NCS and I have made loads of new friends. I feel more confident in myself, and I feel I am part of a team. It has really made me realise how much of a community Worcester is."

Rob Houlston NCS Manager for APM, the organisation responsible for NCS delivery in Worcester, felt Robin's visit was highly motivational for the teenager and says,

"It is really good to have Robin Walker visit the young people on the programme today.

"He seems to have a genuine interest in NCS and he has given us really good insight into where young people can go to find additional social action projects.

"This group have created a mural and Mr Walker suggested somewhere where they could have it displayed."