Accolades and ability earn Chris team value

  • After qualifying, Chris was supported by APM Employment Services to find a professional role
  • Swift Legal saw Chris’ potential and made some changes to accommodate him

APM are delighted to have Chris, one of our APM Employment Services participants feature in the news recently.

His employment success story featured in the Herald Sun.

Today, Chris is thriving in a successful legal career with his supportive employer.

Just as capable as everyone else

After graduating his Law degrees with honours, Chris was an award-winning student.

An ideal candidate, who was also experiencing crippling anxiety.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, anxiety disorders affect one in six Australians.

The common symptoms of anxiety can affect a person’s feelings, thoughts, and their physical body.

These can manifest as fear, restlessness, catastrophising and over-thinking.

The physical symptoms include panic attacks, racing heart, shortness of breath, headaches and difficulty sleeping.

Chris’ symptoms of his anxiety were impacting his daily life, including when it came to applying for work.

He reached to APM where he connected with Employment Consultant Davina.

With lived experience of her own with anxiety and panic disorders, Davina was determined to find the right employer for Chris.

“Despite (the stress caused by the recruitment process) I did put myself out there and try to find work and I’m proud of myself for that” Chris said.

During this time Chris observed “it does feel like there is a bit of preconception against people with anxiety or other mental health conditions.”

A happy coincidence brought Davina and Judica’s paths to cross.

As the owner and operator of Swift Legal, Judica recognised Davina as the person helping Chris to find employment.

She expressed to Davina she could find a place for Chris in her team and after meeting him he started the next week.

Judica took it upon herself to research anxiety and find out all she could about it.

She was able to make room in their premises for Chris to have his own office, a quiet space where he could focus and feel safe.

Swift Legal even brought in new procedures to help accommodate employee wellbeing.

They truly went above and beyond to ensure that Chris felt welcome.

Chris’ journey to employment shows that mental health challenges can be overcome by job seekers and accommodated by employers.

“The mistake a lot of people make is (thinking mental illness is) related to our capabilities but our minds still work normally” Chris said.

“We are normal people – it’s just when you have anxiety you feel a bit nervous… but with proper support you can be just as capable as everyone else.”

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