APM Group Executive Leadership Team



  • Group Chief Executive Officer: Michael Anghie
  • Founder/Managing Director: Megan Wynne
  • Group Finance Director: Greg Meyerowitz
  • Group Chief Financial Officer: Stephen Farrell
  • Group Chief Information Officer: James Wakefield
  • Chief Executive Officer, Employment Services: Karen Rainbow
  • Chief Executive Officer, Health and Communities: Fiona Monahan
  • Group General Manager, Markets and Innovation: Fiona Kalaf

New Zealand 

  • Chief Executive Officer New Zealand: Karen Came

United Kingdom

  • Chief Executive Officer, Ingeus UK: Jack Sawyer
  • Managing Director, Ingeus UK: Barry Fletcher
  • Chief Executive Officer, Ingeus Employment: Steve Hart
  • Strategy and Business Development Director, Ingeus Group: Lindsay Mann
  • Chairman UK: Alan Cave
  • Chief Operating Officer UK: Steve Hart
  • Chief Executive Officer,  Reducing Reoffending Partnership: Adam Hart
Singapore and South Korea
  • Chief Executive Officer: Jay Han
Germany and Switzerland
  • Chief Executive Officer: Marc Hanke
  • Chief Executive Officer, Daleph: Gregori Cascante
  • Chief Executive Officer, Ross IES: Shawn Brenner
  • Chief Executive Officer, WCG: Tania Bennett

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