06 September 2016

A JOB in the kitchen has given Sandra Herbohn a new lease on life after eight years of unemployment.

Ms Herbohn suffers from hypothyroidism, which leaves her weak and fatigued for long periods of time. But through APM Employment Services, the former aged care worker was offered a part-time position with Earlville eatery Mr Soy Boy.

"I enjoy it immensely. I tried so hard and I walked around town trying to find wor," Ms Herbohn said. "When you stay at home you tend to stagnate, you don't really care. Now I've got to be somewhere on time. That gives you the motivation to do things on time."

Mr Soy Boy owner Lanya Salvana said she believed in "giving everyone a chance".

"Everyone has had times in their past where they may have been out of the workforce for a while, and we thought we'd give her a g," she said.

"Sandra is great. She's caught on to what needs to be done and made a few suggestions of improvement."

Ms Herbohn said she had even picked up some cooking tips to try at home.

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