06 August 2020

APM Employment Services continues to provide support and assist you on your path to successful employment despite the ongoing challenges of the Coronavirus.

To ensure your safety and the wellbeing of our team, we are continuing to deliver services over the phone or online, instead of face-to-face meetings, wherever possible.

In Victoria, some of our sites in the Melbourne metro area are now closed due to the increase in restrictions and you will not be able to meet in-person with our team members.

In other states and territories, if we cannot assist you over the phone ,or if you need to visit members of the team on site, we have safety advice and guidelines in place at each location to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible.

Mutual obligations

Despite the challenges we all face, we’re still dedicated in helping you find suitable work and we believe there are many good reasons to continue with your job plan and your search for a job - even with changes to mutual obligations.

In Victoria, due to the increase in restrictions you will not be penalised if you don’t meet your mutual obligations. 

In other states and territories outside Victoria, mutual obligations are slowly coming back and you are now expected to:

  • attend appointments with APM (or other providers) online or over the phone
  • agree to a Job Plan
  • look for work and take part in activities if it’s safe to do so

Although your Job Seeker payment may not be affected if you can’t meet your obligations, it’s important to remember you may face penalties if you turn down an offer of a suitable job without an acceptable reason. 

If you have any questions about your mutual obligations, please call your Employment Consultant or local APM team and they will be happy to discuss them with you.

You can also find out more information about mutual obligations from the Australian Government's advice for job seekers.

Alternatively, you can contact the government’s National Customer Service Line on 1800 805 260.

Why now is still a good time to prepare for work

There's never a good time to be out of work, but despite the impact of COVID-19 you can still carry out activities to increase your chances of finding a job.

With APM Employment Services you also have insights into what businesses and employers are still hiring in your community.

We pay close attention to local labour markets and work with local employers so we know where the jobs are or will likely be in the near future.

Plus, by setting yourself goals such as applying for work, learning new skills and continuing to prepare for employment, you are more likely to find a suitable job when restrictions ease and other business and employers reopen.



If you are unwell

If you are required to self-isolate in line with Department of Health advice, you should contact your APM Employment Services office by phone, not in person, to let them know that you are unable to participate in any activity.

Your local APM office can reschedule any appointments or activities until you have finished your self-isolation in line with advice from health authorities and/or your doctor.

You should also contact Centrelink by phone, not in person, to let them know that you need to isolate.

You can contact Centrelink to discuss an exemption by calling the numbers below:

  • Newstart Allowance, JobSeeker Payment and Special Benefit recipients can call 132 850.
  • Youth Allowance recipients can call 132 490.
  • Parenting Payment recipients with mutual obligation requirements can call 136 150.

Think you may have COVID-19? Or have been in contact with someone who has?

Seek medical advice as soon as possible. Then contact your local APM Employment Services office by phone. Do not visit the office in person.

Your local APM office will be able to assist with rescheduling any appointments and activities while you seek medical advice.

Further information

Please visit the Department of Health for the latest health advice, as well as your state or territory health department for the latest local updates and guidance on COVID-19.

You can contact the 24/7 National Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080 which provides health and situation information on the outbreak.
Call 131 450 for translating or interpreting services.



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