14 June 2019

This week the United Nations made a major commitment to increase disability inclusion across all areas of the organisation.

Launching the new UN Disability Inclusion Strategy at the annual conference on the Convention of the Rights of Persons of Disabilities, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said disability inclusion is central to the “promise of the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development.”

As well as increasing opportunities for people with disability with organisations across the world Mr Guterres said the UN itself needed to do more with its own employees.

“I want the United Nations to be an employer of choice for persons with disabilities”, he said. 

“I want the United Nations to be fully accessible for one and all”.


The new strategy will include an accountability framework to monitor progress and address challenges, while increasing the employment opportunities and general support of people with disability within the UN.

“Together, we can raise awareness and remove barriers”, Mr Guterres said. 

“Together, with persons with disabilities as agents of change, we can build an inclusive, accessible and sustainable world”.

“My hope,” he concluded, “is that people with disabilities – particularly women and girls – one day live in a world that protects, respects and values us.”

Also at the United Nations this week, The Valuable 500 announced the latest members to join their initiative to have 500 businesses across the world to ensure disability inclusion is on their board agendas.

Earlier this year APM became the first Australian-based organisation to commit to the movement.

APM Group CEO Michael Anghie said the value of people with disability should be recognised my businesses across the world.

“Every single day we see the social, business and economic value of people with disability and the benefit of greater inclusion in our work places and communities,” he said

“We are pleased to join The Valuable 500 Campaign to help improve the lives of people with disability and get disability firmly on the business agenda so more companies realise what great employees they’ve been missing out on. 

“One in five Australians live with a disability, that’s more than four million people and we all have a role to drive greater workplace and community diversity.”

Find out more about how your organisation can commit to disability inclusion and join The Valuable 500.

Employer looking to increase diversity and inclusivity?

Speak to APM Employment Services about enhancing your business and making a real difference in the lives of people with disability.

Our teams can assist you with finding suitable employees and access government funds to support wages and workplace modifications to make your business more inclusive and accessible.

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Corey Stephenson

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