17 August 2015

As a leading employment services provider, APM is currently working with thousands of job seekers aged 50 or more, assisting them to secure and remain in employment.

"In many cases, mature-age job seekers are overlooked by businesses and other employers when they shouldn't be," said APM's Group Chief Executive Officer, Michael Hobday.

"Hiring a mature-aged worker is mutually beneficially for the employer and job seeker, as well as the broader economy.

"In many cases, mature-age workers have considerable experience and are highly reliable, giving employers an additional resource and, for eligible job seekers, generous wage subsidies, such as 'Restart', are available."

Under the Australian Government's Restart programme, employers who hire and retain an eligible job seeker who is aged 50 or more can receive up to $10,000 in wage subsidies.

APM has joined the Ambassador for Mature Age Employment, Hon Susan Ryan AO, and ACT Senator Zed Seselja to promote the benefits of taking on mature-age workers at a Canberra business, the Rainbow Cottage Early Childhood Centre, where APM has successfully placed such a job seeker.

"APM's Disability Employment Services team currently has 3803 job seekers who are aged 50 or more, with 1384 of these being aged 60 or more," Mr Hobday said.

"That's an enormous pool of talent from which employers can draw on.

"APM invites employers who are considering hiring employees who could be eligible for Restart to contact their local APM office to find out more."

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