11 December 2015

By Tegan Annett

JOSH Stenner is a hard worker who loves his job.

Four years after graduating, he and APM consultant Nita Olig are proud of how far he has come while working at the Stockland Woolworths bakery.

Nita helped Josh to become job ready before he finished high school four years ago.

He was one of a number of clients with a disability at APM Employment Services.

Josh, who has attention deficit disorder, says he has come a long way since finishing school.

"I'm trying to become a baker here.

"I still remember when I got this job, I was so excited. At first I didn't even want to look for wo," he said.

APM helps people with disabilities gain employment.

"In my line of work seeing someone maintain employment for four years down the track is gre," Nita said.

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