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With APM by his side, Cristian found long term work that improved his mental health Cristian had been unemployed and living with anxiety and depression for 10 years before signing up for APM’s Disability Employment Services. With the support of APM, Cristian was able to improv...
Career Transition AssistanceTalk to a CTA Consultant CTA provides you with practical support to increase your confidence and motivation. It provides a better understanding of available job opportunities in the local area; and supports you to tailor your job applications, based...
Career Transition Assistance (CTA) helps older job seekers build their skills and confidence to become more competitive in their local labour market.
If you’re employed with a disability, APM can carry out a workplace assessment to help identify what you need to make your job easier. Depending on your needs, this may include ongoing support to help carry out your tasks, ensuring suitable pay structures are in place or workplace modifications.

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