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Promote and grow diversity within your organisation with APM. Through our network of more than 400 locations across Australia, we provide work ready candidates who meet your recruitment needs and diversity goals.
APM is your dedicated, responsive and no cost recruitment partner with 400+ locations across Australia. We offer simple and flexible employment services, designed to suit you with 40,000 job ready candidates who are keen to get to work at any one time.
APM is proud to be Australia’s largest provider of Disability Employment Services. When you employ someone through our Disability Employment Services program, your business can access generous wage subsidies.
Let's build a better team for your business. We deliver no cost, tailored recruitment and comprehensive workplace staffing services.
People are at the heart of everything we do. We know life is not a simple journey. But no matter how impossible the road ahead can seem, we believe people can reach their goals with help from the right people. 
This week the United Nations made a major commitment to increase disability inclusion across all areas of the organisation.
APM has launched a new Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to further the organisation’s commitment to build more relationships and create new opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
Programmed (ASX:PRG) and APM (Advanced Personnel Management) - two of the leading players in the employment market - have confirmed a ground-breaking partnership which is designed to make a real difference to increasing the level of employment participation in Australia.
APM is partnering with ApplyDirect to develop a new digital marketplace to connect job seekers and employers in the government welfare sector.
APM was delighted to present Dr Angus Turner with the Professions Award at this year’s Western Australian of the Year Awards.

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