APM Communities - Busselton NDIS Participant Raz transcript

Raz: Without NDIS I wouldn't be here in the team. I would've been doing some very boring things and I don't really like doing boring things. It's made me feel really happy.

My name is Raz, and I'm 19. I've had a passion for cricket over my teen years. And when I heard about this, I wouldn't mind giving a shot. When I came into this event, it was like another side of me just came like alive; like the cricket side of me came back. It felt like I belonged somewhere and that cricket was the goal for me to play. And I don't know what I do without the team.

Rachel Norman: Raz came to us at our in indoor inclusion league, and he had a goal to participate in St. Mary's in Bustleton. The indoor "Come and Try" series started with a conversation between myself and Brad and Ruth at APM. And we discussed about the need for indoor cricket for those with a disability, and then it snowballed into the series. The modified game of cricket that the WACA's developed is very similar to the indoor game. So it means that everyone gets a shot, everyone gets a bat, everyone gets to bowl, and they all rotate in the field.

Jonothan Lloyd: Since Raz came down, which I think was about halfway through last season, within three or four weeks, I could see the confidence grow immeasurably. And then, into this season as well. It's just exponential to be honest. Each week he seems much more confident and happy, which is brilliant.

Raz: What I love about St. Mary's is that they're really friendly, they're really supportive. They've been coaching me in my batting, fielding and bowling, even though bowling's not really my strength.

Jonothan Lloyd: What he's doing out there is the essence of what we play sport for, and that sort of thing. I mean, it's just, he's out there happy, enjoying himself and improving in all sorts of areas. To see that happening is just great.

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