WCG National Employment Index

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WCG Services is an industry leader in developing and delivering employment and vocational rehabilitation services across Canada 

For more than 25 years WCG has been partnering with governments and local service delivery organisations to create sustainable employment opportunities for people, businesses, and communities.

Every day WCG help people reach their employment goals and improve the quality of their lives – many of them with multiple, complex barriers to entering or re-entering the workforce.

Participants include persons with disabilities, Indigenous people, youth, Veterans, and other demographic groups underrepresented in the labour market.

WCG is part of the APM Group, which delivers employment and allied health services internationally.

Our global network of companies shares a core purpose: to enable better lives.

WCG commissioned independent market research consultancy, CoreData, to conduct research on diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. The result is the WCG National Employment Index and three spotlight reports on Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario.

A landmark piece of research, the Index sought to create a benchmark against which to measure and track over time the employment and career access, equity and inclusion in the workforce.

The research findings mark an inaugural way post for businesses and job seekers to navigate and progress towards equitable employment.

About the index

WCG Services commissioned independent market research consultancy, CoreData, to develop and establish a National Employment Index.

The index assesses the equity of employment opportunities for unemployed Canadians, and the proactive steps being taken by both job seekers and employers to improve employment outcomes.

The Index assesses three main areas: attitudes, access and actions.

You can download a copy of the Index for each region below.

For more information about employment services in Canada visit wcgservices.com.