International Day of People with Disability

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International Day of People with Disability is a chance for organisations everywhere to better recognise and support people with disability

The annual celebration and recognition of people with disability aims to reduce the inaccurate stereotypes that surround many disabilities and enable more recognition of an individual’s ability.

It also provides a chance for leaders to check if their organisation is missing out on the multiple benefits of being inclusive of people with disability.

Our role in supporting people with disability

At APM we help thousands of people with disability access employment, community and mainstream support every day.

Across APM our teams help organisations to better serve customers, support employees, and grow in their community.

We believe everyone has a role to play in enabling better lives for people with disability, and we want to make it easier for more people and organisations to do just that.

Join the #DearFutureBoss conversation

If you’re living with or you’ve experienced disability, we’re inviting you to share what you think employers should know about you and your ability to work.

Our #DearFutureBoss campaign wants as many people as possible to share their thoughts on what a great workplace would be for them.

At APM we believe everyone should be able to enjoy good work.

And we want employers and businesses to realise the benefits of hiring of people with an injury, illness or disability and see how easy it is to accommodate employees with different needs.

3 ways you can better support people with disability

1. Hire a person with disability

If you’re an employer or business owner there are many ways you can increase your support of people with disability.

The fastest and most life-changing step you can take is simple – hire a person with disability.

There is a huge wealth of untapped potential amongst the job seekers who face difficulty finding a good job because they are overlooked due to a disability or health condition.

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2. Be more inclusive and accessible to people with disability

Making your business or community group inclusive means everyone has the opportunity to enjoy your products, services and spaces.

There are many things you need to consider when looking to include people with disability, and we know it’s not always easy to know where to start.

That’s why we created the Disability Inclusion Guide.

Download it today and see what small steps you can take to make a big difference to people with a disability within and outside your organisation.

3. Learn and share more about inclusion

Since 2019 we have been carrying out research to record a rating of disability diversity and inclusivity of businesses in Australia.

The 2023 Disability Diversity & Inclusivity Index of Australian Workplaces (DDI Index) is now live.

The latest annual research has revealed new insights into the challenges facing people with disabilities and the pressures on job seekers and employees who have non-visible disability.

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Have a disability and want to work?

Our APM Employment Services team operates in communities across Australia and successfully supports people with disability to find employment – and helps them to keep it when things in life change.

If you’re eligible for the Disability Employment Services program, we can help you search and apply for suitable work near you, and support you with meeting employers and getting started in your new job.

If you want more independence, more control of your own money and to meet new people in a meaningful job, register with APM today.