Speaking of disability

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APM was joined by a series of guest speakers for International Day of People with Disability who shared their experiences of living with disability – and the challenges and opportunities they faced.

Ben Aldridge

Disability and mental health advocate Ben Aldridge talks about how workplaces can offer more support and the importance of looking after your wellbeing. 

Trigger warning: This video contains information about suicide.

Peter Sim

Peter is the Diversity & Inclusion – Autism Employment Lead at Amaze, an APM Communities partner organisation, based in Victoria, working to support the future of autism.

Ben Johnston

Ben Johnston spoke to guests about barriers in the workplace that are faced by people with vision impairment and how to overcome them.

Ben has been completely blind since birth, resulting from a condition called Norrie disease.

However, his passion for the infrastructure industry has driven him forward and seen him work in a number of offices across consultancy, government, and construction contracts, and he's now completing a traineeship in the industry.