Airservices Australia and APM WorkCare

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A strong relationship

When a worker is injured, APM WorkCare is there to help businesses navigate the process.

The proper support ensures the best possible prospects of rehabilitation and recovery for the individual, including returning to work.

APM WorkCare delivers workplace health, rehabilitation, injury and wellness services across industries in all Australian states and territories.

“We have a strong relationship with APM WorkCare,” Airservices Australia (ASA) Injury management team leader Mark said.

“One of the key things for us is our national presence and they are able to provide support to all regional areas where we have airports.”

APM WorkCare Service Delivery Manager Hailey has worked with Mark to deliver return to work plans, ergonomic assessments, along with education and support for psychological safety for all ASA staff.

Doing their best for their staff

When a person is injured and it affects their capacity for work, it is an incredibly vulnerable time – Hailey highlights the importance of APM WorkCare’s services.

“Early intervention services for persons who have ill mental health is incredibly important as we’re providing matched care for that person at a point in time, they really need it,” she said.

“Generally, by the time a person has reached out for help, the symptoms that they are experiencing are quite impactful on their day-to-day life.”

The process of working together with Mark allowed Hailey to really get to know ASA, their business, their staff and their needs.

She found ASA to be an organisation who understood the need for certain services from APM WorkCare's team, who was striving to do their best for their staff.

“It’s key that we get people assisted early on with their injury support and getting those injured workers back to work, feeling good about themselves and confident that they can do their jobs” Mark said.

“And APM is tremendous at doing that.”