Brithany and the Dynamics Apprenticeship program

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Uncertain about her future

As Brithany neared the end of her time at school, she still felt unsure about where she might start her career.

In some of her reading and research, she decided an apprenticeship would be a good choice for her at this stage in her life.

She applied and was accepted into the Dynamic Workforce Solutions Apprenticeship program.

Dynamic Workforce Solutions is a national and internationally recognised workforce training, consulting, management, and administrative services organisation.

“I looked into it online and went in – I’m very thrilled, I knew this was a long-time thing, I’m super lucky” Brithany said.

One of Brithany’s teachers reached out to Dr Terry Pettey, Owner and Veterinarian at Pleasant Prairie Animal Hospital.

Dr Terry had just opened a new practice in Kenosha County, Wisconsin and Brithnay’s teacher asked if he’d be willing to be part of the mentorship program and take Brithnay on.

He would quickly become confident in his decision to do so.

“Brithnay walked in, (she was) very pleasant, on time, professional. It was instant that I thought she’d be a good fit for the practice” Dr Terry said.

A certain calling

Brithnay shares that her anxiety had previously affected her, but when the opportunity arose to work with Dr Terry, she wasn’t anxious about it at all.

“There was something in me that said I just have to just go for it” Brithany said.

“I just love being here so much.”

Dr Terry’s practice has supported a number of students, and he remarked how motivated, eager to help and learn they are.

He wanted to create a positive experience, describing how having a mentor has been essential to his career.

“I want to help them develop their interests, because if they’re doing something they like, job fulfillment is much higher” Dr Terry said.

“You’ll never know what’s coming your way, you’ve just got to go for it” Brithany said.