Caley and APM Employment Services

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A valued employee

Caley has plenty of goals he wants to kick.

As a popular member of staff in the Woolworths produce department, Caley says starting his job has got him over his biggest hurdle.

Diagnosed with autism and cerebral palsy, Caley knows all about the challenges of finding a sustainable job which he enjoys.

And with his energetic approach, commitment to his Disability Employment Services program and assistance from APM, Caley has now been in his job for more than two years.

A perfect fit

Caley came to APM Employment Services eager to find a job in retail.

He told his employment consultant Shelley he really wanted to work with customers.

Spending time getting to know Caley as part of the Disability Employment Services program, Shelly was able to approach employers to see if they could take Caley on for work experience.

This allowed employers and Caley to see what sort of roles would be suitable.

When Caley started a placement with Woolworths, it was clear to everybody he would be a perfect fit.

If you ask Caley why he likes his job so much, he doesn’t hesitate to point out the importance of being in long-term employment.

“I’ll happily say to anyone who asks, I have a reason to put pants on in the morning. What’s not to like?” he said.

Caley says his job is also important to him because he can give back to the community and engage with the customers.

“It allows me to give back to the community and put a little sunshine on their faces,” he said.