Carlos and Dynamic Workforce Solutions

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Feeling stuck

Carlos had been feeling stuck about what he wanted to do for a job.

He wasn't sure how to pursue his interest in carpentry, or if resources existed to help him to do so.

He connected with Dynamic Workforce Solutions' Apprenticeship program.

Dynamic Workforce Solutions is a national and internationally recognised workforce training, consulting, management, and administrative services organisation.

"The apprenticeship program offers you an opportunity to jump right from high school, jump right into the workforce, start making money, start putting money in the bank and really get you off on the right foot" senior project manager for CGSchmidt Ryan said.

Carlos didn't want to pursue study at college at this stage in his life, and felt hands-on learning was more appealing to him.

He wants to complete his apprenticeship, become qualified in his trade and start teaching other apprentices in his industry as a "journeyman".

"In five years hopefully I'll be close to journeyman out or journeyman, start teaching the apprentices that come in" Carlos said.

A drive to learn

Since Carlos began his training, he's taken to it with great enthusiasm.

"Heard from his foreman that Carlos has just been doing an outstanding job" Ryan said.

Field personnel coordinator Steve shares his sentiments.

"Carlos just stood out, like, he was the only one that was truly ready, was just excited to come to work and, you know, knew what he was getting himself into"

"I think, when Carlos came in I think he was in he was in a factory, our leadership they see the value, they like apprentices, we want to train him well."

Carlos is loving his work, and is benefitting from his workplace's investment in him.

"What I like about being an apprentice is everybody has something to show me" he said.

"I like how they're all taking care of me."