Clyde and APM Employment Services

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Bouncing back with confidence

After the devastating experience of losing his job, Clyde found it difficult to look for work again.

The sudden loss of regular work and income affected his confidence, and he was living with anxiety and depression.

Unable to make it to the stage of getting a job interview, his support network encouraged him to reach out for help.

The day he walked into APM’s Gosnells office would also be the same day he met the CROWNability team.

With support from the Disability Employment Services program, that was the day life started to change for the better.

Supported and thriving at work

Clyde was hired as a Bar Useful at Crown Perth through the CROWNability program.

He’s found his casual working schedule has had beneficial effects in several areas of his life.

Developing a routine, having extra income, and feeling happy and confident when he catches up with people socially have been some of the immediate benefits for him.

His support network saw the positive change in him.

“My friends and family are really happy for me“ Clyde said.

On a regular shift for Clyde he will be moving around the venue cleaning and stocking Crown’s bars.

He’s a friendly face on the gaming floor as he collects used glassware and bottles, frequently chatting to patrons while he goes about his work.

Building his customer service skills is just one of the ways Clyde is taking steps towards a successful career path.

And he agrees.

“I’m really happy to see what the future holds for me.”