CSBP and Biosymm

An innovative partner

A proactive approach in the workplace is the key to meeting the goals of your injury prevention strategy.

Biosymm's occupational health consultants provide safe, reliable and effective treatment options and risk reduction services for individuals and workplaces around Australia, via onsite physiotherapy, virtual early intervention and through their clinics.

“We really help the businesses that are looking for a proactive approach and will use a lot of different innovative tactics to try and help with injury prevention” Biosymm Manager Ruth said.

Cuming Smith British Petroleum and Farmers Limited (CSBP) is part of the Wesfarmers conglomerate.

CSBP manufactures and supplies ammonia, ammonium nitrate and industrial chemicals to the Western Australian resource and industrial sectors.

With a diverse workforce across a range of sites and environments, CSBP needed an innovative partner to support their health and safety needs.

“We’re very fortunate to have an onsite physio service here” Wesfarmers CEF Health and Safety Advisor Samy said.

“Having that early intervention is mutually beneficial for the workplace as well as the employee.”

Dynamic route to success

Biosymm provide a range of occupational health services, ranging from onsite physiotherapy to virtual early intervention, functional capacity evaluations to risk awareness training and a broad spectrum of injury prevention projects.

“Businesses will engage us when they have a particular need or challenge in a space that they want us to help with” Ruth said.

Madi, a Biosymm physiotherapist, works onsite for CSBP in a dynamic and interactive role.

There have been occasions where a physiotherapist has been needed to consult at short notice with health and safety advisors like Samy, other managers, or to treat an individual.

With this availability, people like Madi are able to support business continuity for the employees and site operations.

“The best thing about my role as a physiotherapist on site is just being able to interact with the workers, both in a clinic sense but also out on site as well” she said.

This enables her to get a full picture of a patient’s work, their workplace, and how to best tailor treatment for the best possible recovery.

“You get an idea about what impact you’re having in terms of how you’re getting them back to a meaningful job and meaningful life in general” Madi said.