Daniel and APM Employment Services

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Held back by depression and anxiety, Dan struggled to find work

After going through a divorce, Dan lost his home, his business and his confidence.

He was no longer comfortable interacting with people and often found himself breaking down into tears.

He felt he had hit rock bottom and he didn’t know how to take the next steps to get another job as a chef.

When Dan went to his local APM Employment Services team to participate in Disability Employment Services, he didn’t know what to expect.

After chatting to his employment consultant and having an open and frank discussion about his life, APM was able to assess his condition and he realised he had been suffering from depression and anxiety.

A new job and a new outlook on life

APM worked closely with Dan to help him find a job working for a local butcher.

He really enjoys the role and gets along well with his boss and colleagues.

They say his confidence has gone from strength to strength, not only with regard to his job performance but from a social aspect as well.

From Dan’s perspective, he feels the job has helped him to come out of his shell and has changed his life for the better. Interacting with customers is now something Dan really loves.

Now he goes home at the end of each day feeling proud and happy.