David and Ingeus UK

Support to thrive

When we’re not quite feeling like ourselves, we don’t always know straight away where to turn.

Bus Driver David knew he could turn to his employer, First Bus, to help him through a rough patch.

Thanks to the Able Futures program, First Bus can provide ongoing support for their employees, including managers and business owners.

In partnership with Ingeus UK, Able Futures is a group of partners who deliver the Access To Work Mental Health Support Service across England, Scotland and Wales on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions.

The program is designed to support employees, apprentices, self-employed people, employers and apprenticeship providers who need advice and guidance on mental health at work.

“If something’s causing you issues at work or causing you issues that could affect your ability to work, rather than waiting for them to get worse – go on the website, pick your phone up, fill the form in, get assessed and get the support you need” David said.

First Bus, first point of call

Able Futures provided one-on-one support for David, which they do for up to nine months as part of their program.

The team of Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants (VRCs) are trained mental health professionals, who will spend time with an employee, helping them to develop coping strategies and guidance through their challenge.

“I think it’s genuinely changed my life,” David said.

“I’ve been able to work with my VRC to come up with some strategies to really help me deal with my thoughts and feelings and my state of mind.”

“I do think having a safe and supportive atmosphere goes hand-in-hand with the support that I’ve had” he added.

The program has had a profoundly positive impact on the business, Wellbeing and Engagement Coordinator for First Bus Mubs has seen the impact first-hand.

“We understand the challenges our employees face both on and off the road,” he said.

“Colleagues who have used Able Futures have given some fantastic and overwhelmingly positive feedback, which has helped them restore routine back into their daily lives.”

David feels increasingly positive having made the call to reach out for support.

“I certainly feel more rounded coming out of the other side, and I would 100% recommend Able Futures to anybody.”