Elisa and Ingeus Spain

Changing circumstances

A varied career can give a person strengths and skills they don’t fully realise.

Just like Elisa.

At the age of 62, Elisa found herself unemployed after the impacts of COVID-19 forced her to close her street vendor business.

She worked to support her brother and elderly mother with her income, and when that ceased, she found herself in financial stress.

With support from the Ingeus Spain team, her long and varied career will continue.

Growth and success

According to the staff at Ingeus Spain, Elisa has been an easy person to help and support.

“It has been a pleasure to meet Elisa, to work with her” Ingeus labor adviser Elena said.

“Working with Elisa is easy” Ingeus social advisor Montse agreed.

Despite her challenges, Elisa worked with dedication to learn and develop new skills.

Elisa undertook some digital training, which included improving her computer skills, learning to use zoom and applying for work.

She took keenly to this training and began to feel more confident and capable.

“Her mood improved, her attitude has always been excellent” Elena said.

“We have just given her wings.”

When guided to the resources she needs, Elisa showed great initiative in contacting, researching and filling out necessary paperwork.

This proactivity helped Elisa secure employment, access benefits and support services for her dependents and re-build stability in all their lives.

“I guide her, but she solved everything with agility” Montse said.

“She is reinventing herself.”