Employment Hero and MCI Solutions

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Uniting a workforce

Diversifying how we work has become a feature of the last five years.

Connecting and learning online has enabled businesses like Employment Hero to access a whole new talent pool.

Employment Hero are a remote-first company, and when it came to finding a learning provider who could reach a range of locations with high quality content, they reached out to MCI Solutions.

MCI solutions provide bespoke corporate training solutions for a range of industries.

Their services are transforming teams from the inside out with a forward-thinking approach.

Whether it’s upskilling staff, addressing skill gaps or increasing team capacity, or the refinement of executive skills, their range of training modalities can suit each team member’s learning preferences.

Building strong, capable teams through innovative and unique training methods is the reason they’ve become the trusted education provider to so many ASX listed companies for over 20 years.

“We hire employees all across Australia and the world and we really needed a learning partner that could help us reach our audience where they’re located” Employment Hero head of learning and development Garth said.

MCI’s Live Virtual Classroom Subscription proved to be the ideal fit for their needs.

Employee from Employment Hero sitting in front of a computer smiling

Remote, yet in touch

MCI's Live Virtual Classroom Subscription has removed the need for and challenges of bringing together a geographically diverse workforce.

Garth shares how the MCI Solution platform has been effective in their business.

“It’s so easy to use. Our staff log straight into the portal and book their learning whenever they need it.”

Customer success manager Dani has undertaken several of the courses and found the user experience to be positive.

“I found there was a lot of variety of courses to choose from and the sessions themselves were very well put together” she said.

“I came away from the sessions having learned something new.”

With a live facilitator and small, intimate class sizes, employees were getting a personal and immersive learning experience, accessible from wherever they’re located.

“If my role is changing in general, I’ve got the ability to upskill myself” Dani added.