Employment Hero and MCI Solutions transcript

Garth Byrne: My name's Garth Byrne. I'm the head of Learning and Development at Employment Hero. I'm responsible for setting the learning strategy and delivering our learning programs. We reached out to MCI because we're a remote first company. We hire employees all across Australia and the world, and we really needed a learning partner that could help us reach our audience where they're located. One of the challenges with delivering traditional classroom learning is bringing everyone together. Live virtual classrooms has really removed this need by delivering learning anywhere, anytime. It's so easy to use. Our staff log straight onto the portal and book their learning whenever they need it. Feedback's been really positive. They love the short, sharp sessions of 90 minutes, and they love being able to choose programs that they can attend in their own time.

Dani: My name is Dani, and I'm a customer success manager at Employment Hero. I had a very positive experience with the training sessions. I found that there was a lot of variety of courses to choose from. The sessions themselves were very well put together, there were a lot of resources, and I found that I came away from the sessions having learned something new. In regards to the sessions themselves, I really enjoyed that they were live, so there was a live facilitator there. I liked that the group sizes were quite small. It felt like you could ask questions. I liked that there was a lot of information given prior to the session, in the session. You could follow along sometimes depending on what the session was. Yeah, overall, I just think the information there was really well received.

Denise: Live Virtual Classroom Subscription is a fabulous and innovative way in which MCI has been able to spread learning far more extensively in an organisation. So there's a schedule with over 65 courses to choose from. They're all 90 minutes each, and people are able to book themselves in to a particular module that suits them best.

Dani: You don't have to be in the office to access these courses. You can access them from wherever your location is. If my role is changing in general, I've got the ability to kind of upskill myself.

Denise: Clients love this offer because first of all, you're not sending somebody out for a full day of training, so it's just a short part of their day. There's interactivity. Because of our great pricing, you're able to spread the learning far wider in the organisation than you ever could before. And we also provide feedback to ensure that the learning is being embedded into the workplace environment.

Dani: I would recommend this training to other organisations. I feel completely privileged that I work for Employment Hero and that they offer these courses as part of our learning and development. I think it's so useful to have that in a workplace, and I feel like all organisations should do the same.